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Recycling Services

Open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 2-4 p.m.

The recycling center is closed on Federal holidays and may close due to inclement weather. When closed due to inclement weather, a sign will be posted on the gate that day. If the weather looks bad on Wednesday or Friday, call City Hall, 276-5210, to find out if it is open. Please do not leave items at other times.

The city’s trained and friendly recycling supervisor, Diedre Senecal, helps residents learn recycling rules and may help unload recyclables, carry them to and deposit un-bagged into the appropriate dumpsters. As the coronavirus continues to circulate, please help keep everyone safe: practice social distancing by staying six feet away from others and wear a face covering.

Separate glass from all other kinds of recycling, ready to deposit directly into the glass recycling bin.

To fit more material into our co-mingle recycling dumpster, flatten or crush all bottles and containers.

The city’s recycling vender, Republic Services, accepts only plastics numbered 1 and 2; dispose of plastics numbered 3 through 7 with household trash. Remove all plastic lids and caps from all plastic containers and dispose of lids and caps with household trash.

All items must be clean, dry, and loose; no plastic bags. Thank you for doing your part to keep recyclable materials out of our landfill.

The city recycling center is located northwest of the city square. Take Mo. 32 west from the square. At the first street past MFA, turn north (right) onto Fourth Street, then west (left) onto Arnold Wallen Way. Pass the north pumping station solar array and see the recycling center on the right. Turn north (right) into the fenced area and follow instructions.

“Ensure recycling materials actually get recycled by practicing

Republic Services collects recyclables in two dumpsters: (1) Glass only, and (2) Comingled aluminum; specified plastic containers, no lids or caps; paper, paperboard, corrugated cardboard; steel and tin cans, lids, and caps (loose).

1. Glass Dumpster

Deposit all types and colors of glass food and beverage containers. Empty, clean, dry; no plastic bags, please!

Not Accepted
Laminated or safety glass
Pane glass
Plastic bags

2. Co-mingled Dumpster

Deposit without sorting the many items listed below. Empty, rinse, dry, and crush or flatten all containers; no plastic bags, please!

Aluminum baking/pie pans (clean)
Aluminum beverage cans (crush or flatten)
Aluminum foil (clean, balls 2” or larger)
Aluminum pet food cans (crush or flatten)

Paper, Paperboard, Corrugated Cardboard
Books, paper and hardback
Boxboard (cereal, cake, pasta boxes, etc.)
Brown paper grocery bags
Corrugated cardboard (broken down flat)
Feed/seed bags (remove strings)
File folders
Junk mail and envelopes
Magazines and catalogs
Newspapers and newspaper inserts
Office and colored paper
Paper cartons (eggs, berries, fruit)
Phone books
Pizza boxes (clean, no food residue)

All shapes of plastics marked #1-2, with lids and caps removed. Dispose of all plastic lids and caps and plastics marked #3-7 with household trash.

Steel and Tin Cans (flatten or crush), Lids, and Caps (loose)
Aerosol cans (empty, no caps)

Not Accepted
Batteries (see Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton)
Food-tainted items
Food waste or garbage
Frozen food, ice cream or frozen juice containers
Hazardous or bio-hazardous waste
Kraft (orange/brown) envelopes)
Light bulbs (see Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton)
Needles or syringes
Paper ream wrappers
Paper to-go food containers
Plastic 6-pack holders
Plastic lids and caps
Plastic microwave trays
Plastic sacks or bags (see Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton)
Styrofoam of any kind (see Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton)
Tissues, paper towels or napkins
Tyvek envelopes
Waxed paper or waxed cardboard
Yard waste (see Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton)

Stockton United Methodist Church Go Green Team
East of the square, 708 East Highway 32, across from the Stockton Cemetery.

  1. In partnership with the United Methodist Women, the Go Green Team publishes an annual comprehensive Guide to Recycling and Reusing in Stockton, organized by items that can be recycled. Pick up a bright green copy of the list at the city recycling center (in realtor’s box attached to fence gate, City Hall, the Courthouse (county clerk’s office or basement), Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce, Cedar County Republican office, the Cedar County Library /Stockton Branch, Korth Senior Center, or Stockton United Methodist Church office.
  2. Hosts annual Dead Electronics and Appliances Recycling Drive.
  3. Hosts annual residential light bulbs and political yard signs recycling drive.

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