Snow Removal Schedule

The City of Stockton would like to designate the following schedule during a weather event such as an ice storm or snow storm will consist of salting and/or plowing. This

schedule will utilize city man power and services to better serve the city, some circumstances, availability of staff may change the schedule.

State Highway’s will be handled by MODOT

*West Street
*East Street
*South Street
*RB Road
*J Highway

1St Street’s to be salted or plowed during the beginning of an event.

· North Street
· Blake Street
· Oak Street
· High Street
· Locust Street
· Cherry Street

· Sunset Drive
· Sac Street
· Jackson
· Ward Street
· Fourth Street
· Craig Street
· Park Street|
· Owen Mill Road
· Lee Hopkins Drive
· Morgan Drive

2nd Phase of roads to be plowed after the weather event is over.

· Vern Avenue
· Englewood Drive
· Third Street
· Dunlap Drive
· Lucinda Lane
· Lakeview Lane
· Lakeview Circle
· Church Street
· Hayes Street
· Surf Street
· Hoff Street
· Lake Street
· Locust (from Sac to Brown)
· Gordon Road
· Bryant Street

3rd Phase of streets

· Walnut Street
· Orchard Street
· Walter Street
· Crestview
· N. High Street
· Terrance Lane
· Skyline Drive
· Craig Street
· Arnold Wallen Way
· N. Third Street

Street crew will attend to the remaining streets as soon as possible.

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